1CCD, Full HD Camera

1156.08 Endoscopy Camera: CYMO VIEW TEC
A single CCD endoscopy camera with HD Option

An ideal camera for micro endoscopic surgery and diagnostic endoscopic procedures.


1) 1/3” CCD high sensitivity image.
2) Six types of endoscopy settings.
3) Freeze function.
4) 2.5 x Digital zoom.
5) Mirror and flip function.
6) Rotation function.
7) Digital anti-moire function for using with a flexible endoscope.
8) Illuminated control buttons on the front panel.
9) Programmable control buttons on the camera head.
10) High Definition output option, maximal resolution 1920x1200.
11) Patient information via an external keyboard.

Portable Endoscopy Camera 1150: CYMO VIEW TEC

A low-cost portable endoscopy camera
Endoscopy camera 1150 is a low-cost ultra-high sensitive endoscopy camera.
It provides two times higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCD Cameras.
Camera incorporates a 10bit digital image processor which offers superior color rendition and high dynamic range.


1) Ultra-high sensitive CCD image sensor
2)10-bit digital image processing
The full 10-bit digital image processing provides a high dynamic image and excellent color rendition.
3) White balance function
Automatic white balance via a push button, current settings in a memory.
4) Five user settings for different endoscopic conditions
The camera offers five user settings to optimize the illumination condition for different endoscopes
. 5) Digital anti-Moire Function
The Digital anti-Moire Function can reduce the Moire effects when using the camera with a fiber endoscope.
6) On screen display.
1150 camera equips a simple on-screen display(OSD), and thus gives the user feedback during camera adjustment. 7) Water-Proof Camera head
The 1150 camera head is waterproof, thus the camera is suitable for liquid cleaning.
8) Convenient control panel
Two control buttons on the front panel of the control unit optimally reduce the complexity of use. With the backlight of control buttons, the control function can be easily accessible even in a dark room, for instance, an operation room.

HD Endoscopy Camera 6688: CYMO VIEW TEC

A professional 3CCD full high definition camera

Latest version of the high definition endoscopy camera, which delivers the clearest, sharpest picture. With the native progressive scan the Hd6688 provides the sharpest detail with incomparable natural color rendition at the highest spatial and temporal resolution. Even the finest variations in tissue structures are distinguishable.


1) 3 1/3” 16:9 CCD image sensors.
2) Progressive scan at full HD resolution: 1920x1080p.
3) Cymo “5D Action” head key controls up to 10 programmable functions.
4) Five user settings for different users or endoscopy combinations.
5) Standard definition video output for backward compatibility.
6) Full digital chain achieved on DVI-D, HDMI(1) , or HD-SDI digital output.
7) Up to 2,5x digital zoom function and freeze function.
8) 180 degree rotation function.
9) PS/2 keyboard for user defined text on screen.